Full Stack Architect (Backend)

Skills : Backend technologies (either Python, Ruby, PHP/Hack, Java)

Experience (In Years) : 8 years

Job Type : Contract

Location: Singapore

Architect and develop an end-to-end full stack web/mobile solution within the clients technology stack. Drive client discussions to define the system & data requirements and translate the business requirements to the technology solution. Activities include mapping business processes to support applications, defining the data entities, selecting integration technology components and patterns, and designing the complete system architecture. Expectation of at least 30% time will be development with a variety of languages including but not limited to PHP, JavaScript, HTML, etc.. MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: B.S. Computer Science or related technical field Master in backend technologies (either Python, Ruby, PHP/Hack, Java) Advanced Proficiency in front end technologies (React JS, React Native, Javascript ES6) 3+ years of experience creating architecture designs for complex multi tiered systems 8+ years of experience with Object Oriented Programming in any language 1 - Custom Application Architectures (P4 - Expert) 2 - Object Oriented Application Design & Development (P5 - Master) 3 - JavaScript (P4 - Expert) 4 - React.js (P3 - Advanced) 5 - MySQL (P3 - Advanced) 6 - PHP (Programming Language) (P3 - Advanced)

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